Do I Qualify?

Rental Qualifications and Standards

The following standards will be used to qualify your application for tenancy. Applicants are approved on a first come first serve basis one person/family at a time. Any incorrect information or inconsistencies on the application will result in an automatic denial of the application.

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Application Guidelines

  • Each person 18 years and older will need to fill out a complete application and submit a non-refundable application fee of $50. The application will not be considered with missing or false information.
  • The deposit, first month’s rent, and any applicable fees will be due at least 5 business days prior to move-in via our portal or on move in day via certified funds.

Qualifications Standards

  • A valid government-issued I.D. – e.g. driver’s license, military ID, state ID, or passport.
  • Income Requirements: The combined income of all adults living in the rental must be at least 2 ½ times the monthly rent. Applicants who do not have the requisite income may be considered if they provide a qualified co-signer or pay the entire lease upfront.
  • Rental History: Applicants must provide the name and contact information of their previous two landlords or all landlords in the last five years. Applicants must also provide all the addresses they have lived at for the last five years. Applicants will not be approved if they have had any evictions, defaults in lease agreements, late rental payments, bounced rental payments, or if they owe any money to any other landlord.
  • Liability to landlord insurance: Applicants will be required to have a liability to landlord insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $100,000. This insurance will be available through MAXX PM at a rate of $9.50 a month with no deductible. If you elect to use our policy we handle all claims, and your rates don’t increase if you file a claim. Our policy covers the property only. You may purchase your own insurance policy from a 3rd party provider showing MAXX PM as an additional insured.
  • Gross Monthly Income: Proof of earnings from social security, child support, alimony, and/or spousal support must be documented. Unverifiable income will not be considered. Applicants must have a $1,000 free-flowing income after bills are paid.
  • Employment History:
    • Have at least the last two months paystubs from current job. Paystubs from a previous job are not necessary. 
    • If relocating with the same job, have you job transfer letter 
    • If newly employed, have a job offer letter showing pay and hours 
    • If self-employed have last year’s taxes 
    • If independent contractor, have last year’s 1099 or if a new job, have your contract 
    • We do not accept bank statements 
    • We do not accept Venmo, Paypal, etc as income 
    • Military personnel recently assigned are required to provide a copy of military orders & officer contacts.
  • Positive Credit Report: Applicants with an average credit score of 600 or below are required to pay a double deposit. Applicants with an average credit score of 500 or below are not eligible. We will pull this information as part of the application process – applicants may not provide their own credit report.
  • A full background check will be completed: Tenants will be screened against eviction history, sex offender registries, global terrorist watch lists, and national criminal databases. A criminal history will be considered but does not constitute an automatic rejection.
  • Animals: Animals may be approved if they meet the following requirements: a good reference from the previous landlord for the pet’s behavior, an additional animal fee is paid and an additional amount of “animal rent” is agreed upon. The owner reserves the right to deny the application based on the size, species, or breed of any animal. If the animal is a service or support animal, we require proper records and prescriptions for the animals. Such records will then be verified with the prescribing doctor.

If your application is approved, you will be notified via email. You will have 24 hours after the notification to sign the lease. If you do not sign within 24 hours, other applicants may be considered and given the opportunity ahead of you. We are committed to offering equal housing opportunities. We do not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, family status, source of income, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.

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